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    Robert RossRobert Ross

    Level 2 requires members complete Level 2 classes and also attend the Level 2 Member Orientation class.

    Level 2 classes fall into two categories – In-Person and On-Line
    In Person Classes:
    Wildland Fire Urban Interface
    HAZMAT First Responder Awareness
    Flood and Swift Water Awareness*

    These classes are offered after each Basic CERT Academy (twice per year).

    * – Flood and Swift Water is very hard to get scheduled with SFD, so we allow members to complete Level 2 as a “Probationary” member.

    On-Line classes:
    American Red Cross – Disaster Cycle Services
    American Red Cross – Shelter Fundamentals
    CSTI’s SEMS G606
    FEMA NIMS IS 100
    FEMA NIMS IS 200
    FEMA NIMS IS 700
    FEMA NIMS IS 800

    Once you complete the classes above (you can take them in any order), you can then attend the Level 2 Orientation (offered 2 times/year) and be sworn in as a Level 2 member.

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